🦊Observations Of Colin Kaepernick’s Efforts To Wake America🦊

With respect to Colin Kaepernick's efforts to wake America, and as posted to MSN:

 It is unfortunate that a person who purports to be "A Mental Health Professional" would associate Mr. Kaepernick's "words" and choice of clothing with the "Actions" of others who have "vandalized or burnt down buildings in protest". He mocks the totality of his purported "argument". 

Mr. Kaepernick has identified the reality that many Police Officers, but NOT all, have abandoned their oaths to "Serve and Protect". He is, rightfully so, concerned by the hundreds of online videos depicting America's Police at their worst. He should be. As should each and every parent of each and every black male in America. 

He has specifically addressed the atrocious behaviour by 'some' Police Officers leading to the murder of individual black males for, ostensibly, their failure to immediately assume their dated posture as 'Slaves'; and allow themselves to be subjected to treatment that is not contemplated by Aristotle's ethos or in America's "Rule Of Law”.

I ask that Mr. Moulder refer to Aristotle's "Nicomachean Ethics".

That said, it is also necessary to communicate to all Black males that, due the madness that curses America to-day, it behooves them to avoid all conduct that could well subject them to violent acts by Police Officers' adherence to "Guideline Responses" should they find themselves in a situation wherein voices are raised and guns are drawn. 

To be blunt, and to 'All'; when in a situation that compels Police Officers to intervene: 

Abandon emotion, be guided by logic.

Is there an answer to the spread of this madness? Most will not be able to offer one. Neither can I. And neither can the Police Officers who we ask to risk their lives on a daily basis.

However, resorting to falsehoods to demean Mr. Kaepernick's efforts to have America wake and address this problem as a valid and potentially lethal threat to America's near future BEFORE we wake to the need to confront the 'Runaway Global Heating' crisis . . . is not only 'Self-Serving', it poses a greater threat to all.

I ask Mr. Moulder to reconsider his contribution, to consider meeting Mr. Kaepernick and show America that, collectively, Americans retain enough pride in their nation as to willingly go the extra mile to communicate with each other across all barriers and divisions. 

With reference to the "Runaway Global Heating' crisis, I ask all to consider what they shall do when the announcement is made that we MUST store all personal vehicles, or accept that our failure to abandon our “Prized Mobility” shall soon lead to a suicidal rage by the young as alluded to at


Thank you.


Daniel Lavigne wrote: 

Nate Boyer's superlative support of Colin Kaepernick's efforts to have America confront its racism and the non-stop abuse of its black male citizens is, in my view, the very best thing taking place in America today! 

However: America and the rest of the world MUST also confront the sad reality that we now face an "Accelerating Runaway Global Heating Scenario" that will write "FINIS!" to our so very Human, but still unacceptable, treatment of each other. 

To understand the nature of that threat and why we MUST confront it, go to: 


Thank you.


Re: Colin Kaepernick,

His message to America is now understood by those who care about America. 

It is they and no other who shall pave the path, the conversation and the credence of a worthy belief that today's America needs honest conversations about the reality of everyday injustice, driven by institutionalized racism directed towards black citizens in too many of its Police Departments . . . all across America.

Police Officers who have not yet succumbed to the brutal reality of Lord Acton's credo must continue their efforts to speak out against what they see on a daily basis when fellow Officers fail to act with complete and necessary adherence to long established guidelines.

Police Officers who know that they are guilty of being too quick, too cold or too determined to gain instant submission to their, at times, "Necessary Orders”, should take a "Time Out" and reconsider the reasons "Why" they became Police Officers. I suggest that it couldn't have been for the pay, or the now non-existent "Job Security" in an increasingly violent America.

The line past which all of Humanity may well fall into a spiral of madness could well be associated with our known, but unvoiced fear, that we may not be able to abandon "Our Prized Mobility" in time to avert / avoid the increasingly grim future we are laying on our children's minds.

Ergo, the problems are multiplying at a rate that, soon, no one shall be able to even think of putting up any resistance against the spread of our growing madness.

If the world, starting with America, is to have any hope at all, of confronting and defeating our growing "All Against All" sentiments, it MUST start paying attention, a true and meaningful attention, to the "WHY" of Colin Kaepernick's principled stance. Thank you.



I would suggest to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus that lying to each other and believing your own lies is NOT the way to help America achieve a necessary two-party parity. 

Americans, by and large, can see through the crap that has been thrown at them by 'Ole Swirly-Twirly. 

His threat to opt for a third party approach should he have failed to gain the nomination is reason sufficient for any person of character to disavow any purported commitments made prior to or on behalf of that narcissistic, thin-shelled, side-switching psycho. 

Such aside: The countdown to the day we have to tell our children that we abandoned them to the needs of our present day love affair with our "Prized Mobility"  . . . is underway. 

We have (My View) approximately 20 months

to heed the message as found at 


!!  UPDATE  !! 

May 14, 2018

We have, at most, until

September 15th, 2018

to STORE ALL vehicles.


Added this June 29th, 2018

Forget all the advice! Its Too Late!

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Its “that” regardless the outcome!


its extinction on a definite basis.

Which do we choose?

The Kids? Our "Mobility”?



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